NATALY permanent make-up
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What is Permanent Make-Up

Permanent MakeUp is a revolutionary method of applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. This state of the art technique is medically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe. Permanent makeup is used for a variety of permanent cosmetic enhancements such as permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner.

Other permanent cosmetic procedures include scar camaflague areola restoration, cleft lip and more. Micro-pigmentation, semi-permanent make up, cosmetic tattooing and permanent cosmetic enhancement are all the same names for this proceedure. This treatment is used to enhance the eyes, eyebrows, lips and skin using natural pigmentation to permanently apply a natural looking and subtle finish to the skin. This is medically proven to be safe and effective.

Permanent make up is an exciting non-surgical technique used to add colour and definition to the brow, lip and eye areas. Each enhancement is created by feathering tiny particles of inert pigment under the skin helping to achieve a look similar to that of perfectly applied make up but which will not wash or rub off meaning the results will continue to look great day after day. This allows for a safe, effective and long lasting method of defining the facial features. The results which can be achieved range from the very subtlest of enhancements through to a dramatic look so whatever your life style or preferences there will be something to suit everyone.

People often fear that permanent makeup will look too artificial but with Lasting Perfection's innovative application techniques you can be guaranteed a fresh, natural looking enhancement through the use of luxurious tints and beautifully sheer colours. We do not feel that permanent make up should be used to mask your features but instead we use it to accentuate your natural beauty. As a result our philosophy is based around the use of soft feathering techniques to create delicate hair-strokes through the brows, subtle contouring of the lips and soft smoky eyeliners.


Permanent Eyebrows
To Balance & Harmonise

Are you suffering from serious brow envy? Tired of the daily ritual of drawing on your brows only to find they need re-applying by lunch? If so, you're not alone…

While many of us dream of having full glossy brows, for countless people a lack of brow hair is an all too familiar problem. This may be caused by over plucking, the ageing process, medical conditions, genetics or a previous injury to the skin in the brow area. Add to this the fact that numerous men and women lack the basic knowledge to create an eyebrow shape which will flatter them and it is easy to see why so many people fall victim to brows which are too thick, too thin or are simply the wrong shape for their faces.

But if you have over-plucked your eyebrows into no-mans land and can't find your way back, fear not.
We offer an exclusive brow service which employs advanced permanent make up techniques to trim, tame and volumise your brows into shape helping you create a perfectly polished finish that will leave others green with envy. Through this procedure we can help you achieve the brows you have always dreamed of be it by lengthening short brows, adding fullness where brows are sparse or emphasising the eyes by creating a flawless arch to a brow which has previously appeared flat and lifeless.

Hair Stroke & Colour Mist Techniques
There are two main techniques which can be used to contour the brows. We will be on hand throughout the consultation process to discuss these options with you and advise you on the most appropriate method to achieve your desired look.

The most natural finish is often achieved through creation of individual ultra-fine hair strokes which are feathered through the brow to look like your own natural hairs. This technique can be used to transform a brow where the hair is completely missing as well as volumising sparse brows whilst still allowing the brows own texture to shimmer through.


Permanent lips
To Contour & Volumise

Full plump rosy lips instantly conjure up an image of youth, vitality and sensuality. Yet as we age we tend to lose this fullness, small lines can start to appear close to the lip line and where once full bodied colour used to be this colour can start to fade inwards towards the centre of the lip.

Many people are also self-conscious of their mouths as they suffer from scars through the lip line often as a result of a previous injury or cold sore outbreak. Others simply have lips which are slightly asymmetrical.

While lip liners, glosses and lip sticks go some way to help us re-capture this lost definition and colour, traditional cosmetics often require frequent re-application, a process which soon becomes tiresome.

But why should anyone have to suffer with anything but a perfect pout?
Permanent make up offers a unique way of helping you regain the confidence of sexy youthful lips. Whether you are looking to achieve that perfect shape by defining the edge of the lip or give your lips back a healthy appearance by adding a wash of rich colour, your lips should be a perfect staple that helps you look and feel great.

Lip Contour, Lip Blushes & Luxurious Full Lip Colours
* We offer four distinct options to beautify your mouth and will help recommend the right treatment for you depending on your preferred look.
* For a very discrete finish many people opt for a delicate lip liner in a soft baby pink. This can help to volumise the lips by re-emphasising the lip border, adding just enough colour to result in a subtle yet crisp finish: A timeless classic.
* For a more noticeable enhancement a slightly fuller line can be used. This helps to contour the lip giving a polished look similar to that achieved with traditional cosmetic pencils.
* For a truly volumised pout a lip blush can be created. This provides emphasis to the lip border with a crisp lip line. The pigment is then graduated into the middle of the lip to produce a soft feathered haze of colour.
* A full lip colour can also be achieved by placing a hint of colour across the entire lip giving the illusion of just bitten lips which look naturally full and just kissed.


Permanent eyeliner
To Emphasise & Glamourise

Every woman knows that applying a little bit of eye make up can go a long way to making you feel fantastic and who wouldn't want their eyes to appear larger or more striking?

   Permanent eyeliner is a treatment which is set to revolutionise your lashes and will ensure your eyes keep fresh looking and defined without struggling in front of the mirror each day. This treatment is a must if you wear contact lens or have sensitive eyes, for all you gym bunnies, busy mums and outdoor types, or if you simply yearn for the luxury of a few more minutes in bed each morning. It will also put an end to all those smudges or smears whether you are surviving rain, sweat, humidity or tears.

Subtle Lash Enhancements, Sleek Fine Liners & Glamorous Thick Liners
When it comes to enhancing your eyes you can opt for a look which ranges from the most subtle through to dramatic.

A lash enhancement is the most natural looking of the eye treatments and produces the effect of defining the lashes without appearing that you are wearing make up. By placing tiny dots of colour or the finest of lines through the lash base the lashes will have the appearance of looking thicker and fuller. If you are looking to give your eyes a little boost but natural time-less chic is more your style, this is definitely one for you.

Our most in demand eye treatment is our fine eyeliner. This creates the effect of a perfectly applied precision line 24/7 and is used to enhance either the top or bottom lash line. The results allow you to head effortlessly from work to bar with no need for touch ups.

The last, but by no means least is the thick impact liner. This liner is for the girl that means business and will help to ensure that your eyes cannot fail to captivate. Just add lashings of mascara and your favourite high heels for a dramatic evening look.